10 razones por las que SÍ deberías llevar una falda para hombre

10 reasons why YES you should wear a men's skirt

To wear a skirt or not to wear a men's skirt? That is the question for many of you.

Men's skirts are one of the latest frontiers that have been crossed in unisex fashion. And without a doubt, more and more men are joining this trend.

That's why we bring you ten reasons why you should definitely have at least one skirt in your closet.

Because wearing a men's skirt is revolutionary

In case you hadn't noticed, we are experiencing a gender revolution, and just as women at some point in the 20th century began to wear pants as part of that fight for gender equality, this opening arises for men to wear this type of long garments previously intended exclusively for women.

Men's Skirt Model Barker Tartan Red Davebrand


Because it can make you more attractive

Regardless of your sexual preferences, wearing skirts can be very attractive to women. Of course, that depends on the context in which you operate and definitely certain types of people with certain alternative social constructions will like it, and other more traditional ones will not love it as much or will reject it. People with an open mind will undoubtedly catch their attention and on many occasions, they will find it very attractive. Ready to wear your skirt and get the attention of all the girls?

Daves Men's Skirts


Because men's skirts are very comfortable

We say this a lot, you don't know what a pleasure it is to have your balls in the air until you've worn a skirt from Daves, we know it, and many of you do too, it's a reality. The Scots have worn it for centuries and wear skirts, among other reasons, for comfort.

Not to mention how comfortable it is to wear a men's skirt in hot weather.

Because it is a declaration of principles

Wearing a masculine skirt in these times is a statement that reflects openness to the times we live in. If you are a man and you wear a skirt, it says a lot about you, like that you are a disruptive person who does not care about stereotypes and that you are causing something in others that ultimately breaks with what is established in a certain way.

Daves men's gray skirt


Because it is what the new trends dictate

Without a doubt, the skirt for men is the stellar garment of the new masculinities. Men who are really sure of their sexuality and their personality, whatever their tendency, are able to carry one and become relevant. These people are not afraid of possible social rejection and adopt these types of disruptive accessories in such a homogeneous world.

Because it is a fashion that is worth recovering

To tell the truth, the trend is not new and we can trace the use of men's skirts at different stages in history and in different cultures and contexts. For example, the Kilt skirt is a staple accessory in Scotland and modern Greece today. Or let's not go that far, the ancient Aztecs used them and called them cueitl.

If a large part of fashion's success is recycling trends, why not apply this and recover it?

Now, maybe it's the skirts' turn.

Because wearing a skirt has nothing to do with your virility

Wearing skirts has nothing to do with your sexual preference, whether you like women, men or both. On the contrary, wearing a skirt can be a reaffirmation of your virility, your self-confidence and assuming a free sexuality, regardless of your preferences.

More than a declaration of sexual principles, it is a reaffirmation that we live in a world where a new conformation of social models is developing. Not for nothing, characters with high testosterone like Vin Diesel have worn men's skirts at some public events.

Celebrities with a man's skirt

Because the most prominent people use them

Whether we like it or not, characters like Kanye West continue to dictate trends, as he once said: “In the past, warriors killed people in combat, wearing skirts.”

Like him, many characters in music, film and art have been seen wearing masculine skirts, very confident in themselves.

Because they can be as alternative or as formal as you want.

Over the years we have seen such influential figures in the world of music as Kurt Cobain to Bad Bunny wearing men's skirts.

But also, this garment can be worn with a lot of class, as we have seen on figures like Jaden Smith or Miguel Bosé.

Nice skirts for men

Because the world of fashion is betting on it

In the world of fashion, several designers have opted for this trend and international catwalks have been the scene of how good skirts can look on a contemporary gentleman. For example, the designer Boris Bidjan, who presented knee-length models in the spring-summer 2018 season. Brands such as Gucci or Maison Margiela already have some of their own models.

Be a man, be brave.

Put on a skirt, put on a Daves.


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