We know that for eating, we will choose the cutlery according to the food and that for moving around, we will choose the transport according to the distance to be traveled and comfort. We know what we need and we look for the best option. The most useful.


Why is it different with clothes?

Ortega y Gasset said that "our most deeply rooted, most indubitable convictions are the most suspicious. They form our limit, our borders, our prison".


It may be that our domain dependence makes what is clear to us with food and transportation, not so obvious with clothes.

Maybe we are children of our time. Maybe our way of thinking is not as free as we think and the mentality of our time defines the limits of our thinking.


All of this may be true. But let's think about something.


In 1956, public opinion turned its spotlight on Elvis Presley after his early television performances for his 'vulgar' and 'unseemly' hip movements. Decades later, Elvis is one of music's greatest icons and  now the only thing those movements cause is cringe when your dad tries to imitate them at a wedding.

Ultimately, we have two options.
We can continue to live in 1956 in the XXI century.
Or we can start living in 1957.


We are not revolutionaries. We are not looking to stand out.

We are simpler. We seek to be at ease.